Do you know me?

Probably not, but my stories represent mostly the common or mundane aspects of humanity told from a different angle. If you recognise yourself in my writing, for legal reasons – I assure you it’s only coincidental. I am not currently sitting in a parked car outside your house frantically writing down observations….

..Did you just come peer out the window? I’m not sitting in the silver BMW. I would be in the rusty Fiesta BUT I’m not there at all.

Oh you’ve forgotten to put your bins out….. Sooo not there.

So come LIKE me at https://www.facebook.com/MyLifeAsASeriesOfStatusUpdates

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If you like what you read and you spit-sprayed coffee on your screen or even shed a tear.

Please Like, Comment, Follow and/or Share I do it all for the attention and adulation and who doesn’t wanna be liked.

With love and kindness X My Life As A Series Of Status Updates.


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