An Apology to my Sister

Dear Family and Friends,
I need to make a very public apology to my younger though wiser sister…..
I have two kids and don’t have time to do ANYTHING, ANYMORE.
I’m so wrapped up in teething, illness, tantrums, fending off actual bodily harm from a 16 month old AND his sister tag teaming me, scrubbing stuff that is unrecognisable BUT just smells BAD out of the carpet, my clothes, my hair, their hair. That I don’t actually notice ANYTHING else like black mould growing around my windows, 35 day old soup in the fridge, broken stuff just gets shoved in cupboards. Birthdays…..birthdays!……yeah I know, I should remember them; but I don’t and now there’s even more of my family – I remember them even less. So SORRY K you were right – I was wrong. You said “Just wait until you have kids and then you’ll understand.” I do….I really do and I have the five inch armpit hair to prove it…and NO I didn’t ACTUALLY measure it!
A. I don’t have the TIME.
B. The tape measure is broken and shoved in the cupboard with smelly stuff on it.



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